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Jimmy Kimmel Accused Of ‘White Privilege’ After Stealing Moment From Quinta Brunson


Jimmy Kimmel Accused Of ‘White Privilege’ After Stealing Moment From Quinta Brunson

Jimmy Kimmel is blamed for turning a black woman’s winning Emmy speech into The White Man Show.

The 74th Emmy Awards had a lot of standing ovations for moments like when actress Selma Blair took the stage to present the award for Outstanding Drama series but then the event didn’t go without controversy. A stunt that has got the internet talking is by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

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Jimmy Kimmel has come under severe fire after many believe the stunt he did stole the spotlight from Quinta Brunson.

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Both Kimmel and actor Will Arnett had at the event came onstage to announce the winner for Best Writing in a Comedy Series. But the duo did so with Arnett dragging Kimmel out by his ankles as he laid on his back while explaining that the host, 54, had too many margaritas backstage.

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Arnett announced the winner, Quinta, and Kimmel remained sprawled out next to her as she took the stage.

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“Jimmy, wake up. I won. Jimmy?” Quinta jokingly exclaimed after accepting her award. But Kimmel remained super close as she gave her speech, making it quite impossible for the show’s paparazzi to get a shot of her without him in it. The stunt no doubt garnered audible laughs and groans from the crowd. But Twitter didn’t take the TV host’s antics lying down.

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Many slammed the host for epitomizing ‘white male privilege.’

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One fumed Twitter user wrote: “So Jimmy Kimmel is really gonna upstage her speech by laying on the floor in front of her? Like what the f**k.” Another critic wrote: “If #QuintaBrunson stepping over #JimmyKimmel who literally laid in her spotlight on the day she won an Emmy isn’t a metaphor for what it means to be a WOC in a white man’s world I don’t know what is.” 

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third stated: “Jimmy Kimmel should have left the stage during Quinta’s speech. Highly disrespectful.”

A fourth pointed out: “Jimmy Kimmel owes Quinta an apology but the messed up part is every image of her accepting her award has his a** in it. White men really are insufferable.” A fifth added: “Me watching black Twitter gave Jimmy Kimmel the dragging he deserves. I love it.” 

This user exclaimed that @JimmyKimmel is NOT ENTITLED TO TAKE UP ALL THE SPACE, ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT SPACE BELONGS TO @quintabrunson.

However, Quinta has clarified she isn’t bothered by the moment, telling reporters, “I think in that moment, I was just happy that it was Jimmy up there. I don’t know, tomorrow maybe I’ll be mad at him. I’m gonna be on his show on Wednesday, so I might punch him in the face. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.” 

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Quinta added that Kimmel gave her the first big late-night spot, was one of the first people to see Abbott Elementary, and the first person to message her on Instagram. 

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