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Jada Pinkett Smith Breaks Her Silence After Will Smith’s Oscars Smack


Jada Pinkett Smith Breaks Her Silence After Will Smith’s Oscars Smack

The jest was not taken lightly by the couple.

The wife of Best Actor Oscar winner Will Smith is breaking the silence after the incident at the award event. The 50-year-old who was the target of Chris Rock’s G.I. Jane’ joke updated her social media after not sharing a comment on the incident.

“A season of healing,” wrote Jada Pinkett Smith.

During Rock’s opening, the comedian decided to make a joke about Jada’s shaved hair, a poorly made one in many people’s eyes.

Jada Pinkett Smith after Oscars slap
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She rolled her eyes while side-eyeing her husband, who later walked up the stage and slapped the man. Jada has been suffering from alopecia, a balding pattern caused by an autoimmune disease, and has been struggling to grip with it before she decided to shave her hair last year.

Will Smith has also issued a public apology to the comedian, but Rock has remained silent since then.

Several people have suggested that his action may have been the culmination of months of gossip and talks about their relationship. Some pointed out that Rock had made a joke about Jada in 2016 when she tried boycotting the event.

Criticisms have been continuously thrown at the couple who’ve decided to remain quiet aside from the single social media post each of them has made.

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