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‘It’s Hot Chubby Girl Summer, And I Refuse To Cover Up My Body’


‘It’s Hot Chubby Girl Summer, And I Refuse To Cover Up My Body’

Love yourself in all of its shapes.

It’s summer, and influencer Emily Bispo has decided to enjoy the season to its fullest. The 23-Year-Old declared this period as a hot chubby girl moment as she shared a video of herself lounging by a pool with her belly rolls on full display in a red and black bikini. 

The body-positive advocate has been showing how she’s keeping it real, spreading love & empowering all sizes. 

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Bispo began to use social media four years ago when she decided to share her ongoing recovery from both eating disorders and mental health issues. Now, her Instagram page is filled with honest posts about her natural body and responses that often shades her haters. 

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In her bikini post, the influencer reacted to the word, “You should probably cover-up; that’s not very flattering.”

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She looked into the camera with attitude and raised her shades, declaring, “No. It’s hot chubby girl summer, mind ur business!”  The video has since gone viral with over 400K views. And in the comments, one person wrote: “This makes me feel safe.” Another uttered: “THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTENT.” While a third said: “You literally don’t know how much effect u have on me!”

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It’s hot chubby girl summer, mind ur business!

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The comments went on as a fourth said: “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK U FOR INSPIRING ME TO LOVE MY BODY.” 

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A fifth said: “You make me feel so much better about myself.” However, it’s alleged that up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from eating disorders, including binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia in the United States, with 50% of people with eating disorders vulnerable to depression. Mental health services reported that eating disorders also have the highest rate of any mental illness. 

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