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Internet Users In Hysteric Over A Picture Of Blue Bin That Identified As ‘Green Bin’


Internet Users In Hysteric Over A Picture Of Blue Bin That Identified As ‘Green Bin’

‘No bin problems anymore’

Users on different social media platforms have been left in hysterics after a picture of a blue wheelie bin went viral as someone wrote on it, identifying it as a green bin.

The picture shows a blue bin scrawled in black marker on the side reading ‘Identify it as a green bin.’

Originally placed on the Scottish Banter Facebook Page, the picture has garnered over 3,000 comments and has been shared thousands of times.

It was shared with a caption ‘No bin problems anymore’ and since late Wednesday evening, received over 16,000 likes.

An image of the blue bin was posted on social media after someone had written ‘I identify as a green bin’ on the side of it

Many social media users, in turn, took the opportunity to make funny scenes about the bin with one commenting ‘I thought it was non-Binary.’ Tam Khan – an athlete was one among the many celebrities to first share the post which was afterward sighted by a Good Morning presenter, Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan retweeted the picture, which gave it more attention. Responding, a social media user wrote something exceptional: ‘I don’t like you, Morgan, you’re really a bully.

Nevertheless, users were able to see the funny side of the wheelie bin and it further prompted hundreds of jokes and comments. Particularly, user Michelle Murdoch wrote: ‘Very Brave bin to come out and identify as something entirely different. Hope it gets all of the support and counseling it needs,’

Internet users were left in hysterics after seeing the post shared first by the Scottish Banter Facebook page

@graham1eighty said: ‘This wins Twitter today.’ @RichardLCoulson added: ‘If someone stole it, would it then be has a bin?’

Other commenters, including George Ross, said: ‘ Brilliant, while David Graham also commented saying ‘Outstanding.’

With Andrew Ferguson also commenting: ‘Who are we to tell it otherwise?’ GI Jane said: ‘I felt it was Non-BINary.’

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