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‘I’m A Catfish – Trolls Say I Look Like Trunchbull From Matilda & My Transformations Should Be Illegal’


‘I’m A Catfish – Trolls Say I Look Like Trunchbull From Matilda & My Transformations Should Be Illegal’

Never underestimate what makeup can do.

Jordyn Lyne has sparked an outrage online with her before-after make-up video, which includes scenes of her shaving her chin “beard” and posing with spots and red cheeks. It had been captioned: “It’s a like #catfish and “Wait, are you that girl from TikTok with a beard? Of her stunning transformations, people have since claimed they should be considered illegal. 

Jordyn Lyne, 22, from Doncaster, enjoys showing off her ‘catfish’ transformations on TikTok.

In one of the clips, the 22-Year-Old from Doncaster, Yorks, recently responded to a comment that had read: “Very much Miss Trunchbull from Matilda vibes” with proudly piling on the make-up: thick foundation, baby powder for setting, bronzer, blusher, under-eye concealer, and lip gloss, which gave her a whole new look.

But then most men have claimed her transformations ‘should be considered illegal.’

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In most of her videos, Jordyn shows off her chin ‘beard’ and how she shaves it.

@jordynlyne Reply to @dustin.ig original sound – Hi

The influencer who had opened up about shaving the stubble from her chin has been branded gorgeous, beautiful, and inspirational by girls struggling with facial hair. However, as seen from their comments, most of Jordyn’s male followers are left unimpressed.

In the comments, she had been compared to Miss Trunchbull from the movie Matilda.

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And indeed, she responded by proudly piling on the make-up on her face.

@jordynlyne Reply to @sydneyrae0 Still Sleepless – D.O.D & Carla Monroe

Here’s the aftermath:

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One person wrote: “This should be illegal, and Ah Yes, and you ask us why to have trust issues?” Another stated: “This is why U shud always take a girl swimming for the first date in reference to Jordyn’s heavy make-up. Some people said argued she is “two completely different people” in her transformation clips.

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Here’s Miss Trunchbull, the cruel headmistress from the popular film.

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