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‘I’m A Proud Catfish And Can Easily Trick People Into Thinking I’m A Model’


‘I’m A Proud Catfish And Can Easily Trick People Into Thinking I’m A Model’

The power of makeup… and the disaster than is the bedhead.

Disclosure: Kenidi McCray totally meant this as a joke. She didn’t actually catfish her boyfriend, but the idea that her makeup only stays 0.07% of the time is pretty hilarious.

A TikTok trend has got a woman to expose herself between what she looks like catfishing vs. actual appearance.


No WAY! She captioned her video: I really catfished him.


Of course, who doesn’t want to take a cute selfie when you’re dressed up all cute with amazing makeup on? Your social media personality is often easily established with just a few pictures and people couldn’t believe it when she showed a live video of herself without all that magic.

People were in disbelief. One wrote, “Ain’t no way this is the same person.”


Kenidi was absolutely proud of her makeup game, replying that she’ll drop how she did her makeup with tutorials. She jokingly replied, “No possible way that this would be the same, not a chance.”

People were absolutely stunned by the stark differences.


One user shared, “My ex literally got mad at me for this. And I was like, uhh, you don’t take me anywhere to get ready for.”

“This is very confusing to me how do people manage to do this,” wrote another.

“Witchcraft,” one user concluded.


And it’s not the only time she’s done it. She’d previously done the trend where she has to show her face right then when they FaceTime her and it was hilarious. She had her hair disheveled and was just staring down from an unflattering angle at the camera. She wrote, “Daily reminder that social media is fake lmao.”


The video now has more than 4.5 million views on TikTok and she went live to stream how she did her makeup!


I really catfished him #catfish #foryou #fyp #greenscreen

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