Ice Cream Company Is Selling Ferrero Rocher-Inspired Gelato 'Logs'

Ice Cream Company Is Selling Ferrero Rocher-Inspired Gelato ‘Logs’

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As the country is now familiar with the social distancing phase, it shouldn’t hinder you from giving yourself an ice cream treat. A new creation has just landed in the freezers, and it’s indeed the Messina Gelato ice cream logs. The mouth-licking dessert consists of hazelnut mousse, puffed rice, and even chocolate fudge. Selling for $30, the one-liter gelato logs are basically like consuming a Ferrero Rocher in a frozen form.  

Australia’s iconic brand Messina has launched a mouth-licking dessert – The Gelato Ice Cream Logs selling for $30


Dubbed the ‘Tartufo Hot Tub,’ Australia’s iconic brand Messina has come up with what we can say is an ultimate dessert dream. Available in limited stock, you can now order yours from Woolworths, Coles, and independent grocery stores except The Star. Accordingly, you can choose one of which to pick up your requested gelato logs between 30th Oct and November 1st.    


‘The Tartufo Hot Tub is truly all kinds of chocolate, whipped cream, hazelnut, and fudge that’s needed daily. It’s literally like consuming a huge Ferrero Rocher in a frozen form.’ Messina wrote on its social media page. It’s undoubtedly going to be a delicious treat, and this announcement comes weeks after Messina launched gelato chocolate bars in different supermarkets.  However, interest buyers can choose from three flavors of the Ferrero Rocher gelato ice cream logs: the strawberry cheesecake, the espresso Dulce De Leche and even choc hazelnut.


Having become a reality, Messina had, on the other hand, collaborated with Peters Ice Cream to transform recipes into gelato bar formats. Each of the flavors has its ingredients as the strawberry cheesecake has biscuit, pink chocolate, strawberry sauce, and lemon infused gelato.  The Choc Hazelnut is recognized as a new flavor consisting of a Messina-made hazelnut sauce, chocolate biscuit, cocoa gelato, and hazelnut chocolate. In contrast, the espresso Dulce De Leche bar consists of milk chocolate, biscuit, espresso gelato, and gooey Messina-made Dulce De Leche Centre.