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Grow Your Own Blue Java Bananas That Tastes Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream


Grow Your Own Blue Java Bananas That Tastes Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Welcome the vanilla banana into your home!

This is undeniably an unpopular opinion, but I am not a huge fan of bananas. Don’t feel offended, I naturally would destroy some banana bread if someone bakes a loaf.

But on second thought, if bananas were to taste like Vanilla soft-serve ice cream, I might be eager to peal 1, 2 or even 10 and bite.

It Might Sound Like Some Child-Concocted Hybrid, But Honestly, There Are Real Bananas That Taste Like Ice Cream

Widely-known as the Ice-cream banana, the Blue Java Bananas takes on a unique greenish-silver-blue hue when it’s unripe. Once peeled, it can be enjoyed, giving an unexpected taste of sweet and soft flesh. Some people admit the Banana tastes Vanilla custard while others linked it more to Vanilla Ice Cream.

Either of the two, the banana doesn’t have the traditional banana flavor.

The Plants Are Native To Parts Of Hawaii, Australia & Asia

It’s not easy to get one’s hand on these tasty bananas if outside the aforementioned areas. A Florida-based company is offering customers the opportunity to purchase them in bulk while a few growers in Hawaii is offering the bananas at farmer’s markets.

Nevertheless, for those unfortunate to be too far outside the Blue Java growing areas, taking an ice cream banana might remain a dream.

Amazon Is Giving Customers The Chance To Purchase Their Blue Java Banana Plants

Totally The Bomb, a tropical plant retailer Wellspring Gardens is currently offering intrigued buyers the chance to buy their Blue Java plants through Amazon.

The Purchase Comes With A Potted Plant & A Sample Of Wellspring Garden’s Fertilizer Blend

‘Growing your own fruit bring about better tasting and delights.’ The description on Amazon reads.

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