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Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Now Selling A Long Limited Edition 99-Pack Of Beer


Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Now Selling A Long Limited Edition 99-Pack Of Beer

Christmas approaches, Stock up your fridge with #99PABST!

Before now, there’s always something unique with Pabst Blue Ribbon. For a cost-effective drink, the Pabst blue ribbon flavor exceeds that of the well-known Bud Light and Coors Light. Presently, it’s giving people more reason to love them the more. The beer is back with a giant 99-pack that needs a U-Haul to bring it home.

Instagram | @vancitynights_corbywalters

Check out this giant pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Widely known as PBR among the hipster youth, it’s appropriately named #99PABST

Facebook | MGM Wine & Spirits Mankato

Just as the name implies, a pack contains about 99 cans of the coveted PBR beer for only $59.99. Coming in three flavors – Easy, the low-calorie light lager, Original and in Extra, the full-bodied, high alcohol content lager, people are super excited about the giant package.

Instagram | @vancitynights_corbywalters

Evidently, an MGM Wine and Spirits store in Mankato, Minnesota, on advertising the limited edition pack via their Facebook Page, they sold all out within 24hours.

This is, however, not the 1st 99 Pabst to hit the market

Instagram | @jeffofthewoods

Last spring, the Pabst Blue Ribbon had released a similar pack in Canada but featured only the original. While there was no complaint, a slew of people on Instagram took prize photos with the PBR then.

If you happen to see one of these in any store, make sure you carry it along with a gang support

Instagram | @jennaddi

I bet you won’t mind sharing at least one to appreciate them for their assistance!

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