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Girl Scout Placed Shirtless Jason Momoa On Cookie Boxes And Sold Out Immediately


Girl Scout Placed Shirtless Jason Momoa On Cookie Boxes And Sold Out Immediately

Some people just have a thing for Jason Momoa!

The Girl Scout cookies are regarded as delicious, to the extent that no additional incentive should be added. But should in case you need a little push; check out Jason Momoa on the box.

The Samoas With A Kick

Flickr | Chancy Rendezvous

The Jason Momoa on a box of Momoa cookies – What again are we going to see next?

Well, Enjoy The Momoas

Total Nerd / Facebook

Total Nerd came up with the concept which was then shared on Facebook and since garnered thousands of likes and comments.

The Tattooed Cookies Extra

Jasmine Roach Simmons / Facebook

The box of Momoa’s cookies are delivered steamy and very hot and obviously have nothing on top of them aside from sprinkles.

Challenge Accepted

Jason Momoa / Instagram / Girl Scouts of America

And if planning to challenge him, the fight is quite easy. Isaac Melero had the most suitable response to the cookie box: ‘Throws cookies out of the box… Eats box!’

Sealed The Deal

Wikimedia |,_Aquaman_(45655623114).jpg

Jason Momoa’s visage on a box of Girl Scout cookies for Bev Taylor would actually be a game-changer, only if Momoa’s come to his door selling them.

The Very Delicious Combo


However, with Jason Momoa on the Girl Scout Cookie box, it could be just the thing to help in dominating the cookie-selling world.

Yes, cookies are really good and you can’t just skip having it at times. Secondly, the Aquaman actor is good in several other ways. So, a combination of both gives a great taste altogether.

Lo and Behold, a fan has helped turned the fantasies into reality.

A fan, Charlotte Holmberg took her Girl Scout cookies seriously and now she’s the Top Cookie CEO for the Girl Scout. On the other hand, Charlotte’s mother happens to be a marketing professional and indeed made a good move to adding Momoa to the cookies boxes.

It’s finally a reality. The image of the cookie box was shared on Facebook and orders started popping in.

Girl Scouts of Colorado | Facebook

The Special Delivery So Far

Facebook / Cafemom

What About The Jason Momoa Beer?

If you don’t know, Jason loves Guinness and has his personal brew he shared with Conan during a Comic-Con appearance.

Mother’s Milk

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