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‘I Went To Mexico With A Stranger – It Was The Most Romantic Week But It Didn’t End Well’


‘I Went To Mexico With A Stranger – It Was The Most Romantic Week But It Didn’t End Well’

The true definition of RISK taking.

Abby Gagnepain rode to Mexico with a man who she had never met all her life. The student at Michigan State University recently took to TikTok and shared how she and the man matched with each other on Tinder, and just when he asked her to go on a vacation with him, she instantly gave in.

Abby Gagnepain rode to Mexico with a stranger and had a romantic moment.

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In her now-viral clip, Abby, who has a female dog called Frankie explained, that they had a sweet moment together as they went on a boat trip, lounged by the pool, ate out at posh restaurants, and it was as if they were just made to enjoy life at the bliss. Her 30-second clip had been captioned: “Starred in a real-life rom-com,” and it indeed gave insight to the story. 

The student at Michigan State University met the man on Tinder and, within a week, traveled together.

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“Swipes right on a guy I found on Tinder,” Abby’s overlaid text read. It continued: “Him: Wanna go to Mexico? Me: Are you sure? We just met. Him: (the Bo Burnham song in the background said, “like I give a s***).” Abby then shared a picture of her and the stranger on the plane with “TWO DAYS LATER” written over it. 


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All Eyes On Me – Bo Burnham

Abby showed photos of her and the stranger having a good time in the TikTok clip [now-viral].

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She also shared an adorable montage of them enjoying their holiday in Mexico together. They were photographed at a beach bar, kissing and holding each other on a sandy white beach. Then Abby wrote: “After we get back.” Him: Thanks for coming. This isn’t gonna work.” As the song continued in the background, Abby made a sad face with her hood up. 

They were pictured together in the pool, kissing and holding each other.

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The pair also hung out at different restaurants!

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With the video garnering over 13.6 million views, TikTokers comforted Abby over the heartbreak and even reminded her how risky what she did was. Most were left in amusement that she made it back safely, while a few told claimed the man didn’t want to go on vacation alone. “This feels very trafficking-ish, but like glad it worked out for ya.” One person wrote.

Their time together looked truly idyllic as they were spotted on a boat ride.

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However, things didn’t end as expected. The stranger appreciated Abby and said: “This isn’t gonna work.”

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Another, left in awe, added: “You guys are so brave; I am so scared that if I go on vacation like this, they will kidnap me.” A third joked: “At the end of the day, at least you still have all your organs.” A fifth, who had a similar experience but a successful story, said: “My tinder date and I went to Mexico!! Ten months dating.” In the comments, Abby told her viewers: “I just wanted to come in and make it clear that we are still friends and there’s no hatred between us. Please be nice.” 

At the moment, Abby and the stranger remain friends, and there’s no hatred between them.

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