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‘I Was Body-Shamed At The Grocery Store For Wearing A Crop Top’


‘I Was Body-Shamed At The Grocery Store For Wearing A Crop Top’

“How to feel attacked 101.”

A fitness star on TikTok shared a clip where she feels “disappointed” that people were judging her for wearing her gym outfits at the grocery store. Sophie Allen from Australia shared her thoughts with an Australian news outlet on her thoughts.

Now viral with almost 2 million views, people were split when it comes to whether she was appropriately dressed for the place.

Sophie filmed herself browsing the aisle of a Woolworths while still in her gym outfits. She captioned her video, “The hate you get being a female wearing a crop top in the supermarket just hits different.”

The 31-year-old shares her thoughts, ”It happens anytime I go into a supermarket after a training session in my crop.”

“It feels frustrating that we’re still expected to look, behave and present ourselves in a certain way to be deemed ‘acceptable’ by society.”

In a different video, she shows the front part of the same set she was wearing to the grocery store. She added that nobody had ever been upfront and criticized her but she could feel it.

“The kind that makes you feel uncomfortable just from an energy exchange perspective,” said Sophie.

While there are people who think women should be allowed to wear what they want, some disapproved and pointed out that it was a sports bra.

The video with 1.8 million views has people debating whether it was inappropriate or not.


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