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“I Slept With Eight Men In A Year After My Divorce And This’s What I Learned”


“I Slept With Eight Men In A Year After My Divorce And This’s What I Learned”

Dating at midlife for Laura is considered a superpower.

Laura Williams had firmly believed she would be with the man she got married to for the rest of her life. The pair knew each other since college and married for twenty-two years. Both Laura and her husband, whom she described as devoted, have three children and lived the life in a Manhattan apartment and a country house.

But sadly, the marriage witnessed a divorce after her husband revealed he was having an affair

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To make up for lost time and with her new freedom, Laura joined Tinder, accepted blind dates, and unveiled a part of her personality she had hidden for decades.

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Laura hoped in bed with eight men for a year, which she chronicled in her memoir “Available.” It’s newly out in a paperback release, and it detailed how some of her affairs were afternoons of toe-curling lust on hotel sheets. Equally, she experienced a midnight booty call where she went to a man’s apartment in a silk robe under an oversized puffer jacket. 

Laura shared of a well-endowed paramour who invited her for a Wednesday afternoon lunch, followed by a quickie and an older man obsessed with oral s*x.

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She also had a few misses as she recalled one date when a man invited her to come to Brooklyn for a midday café meetup. Laura said the man met with her at the subway and asked her back to his place for a cup of coffee. After a round of Floggers, they fell into bed together, and after one round, the man requested round two, which she accepted.

But the s*x was sober and consensual; she realized she had s*x with him because she had fitted into the friendly PTA Mom version of herself.

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“[The question was] do I feel like sleeping with you now?” And it’s a literal yes or no. I don’t care about anything else. You don’t have to be a good person. It doesn’t’ matter.” 

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Dating in midlife, for Laura, remains a superpower, and she isn’t buying into the theory that because she’s older, she is less desirable. Men have found her attractive because she’s a strong woman who didn’t want anything else and calls the shots. She says men have also been shocked by her forthrightness but most applauded her no-BS approach to love and lust. 

Laura, now aged 51, had never really dated in her 20s and saw an opportunity to pick up her messy life. 

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She told The Post: “You now have the freedom to do whatever you want. If you want to sleep with two men on the same day, you can. If you want to have a tryst in the middle of the day, you’re free. The only person who can judge you is yourself. And if you’re fine with it, screw everyone else.”

Unable to cope with her husband’s confession, Laura had promptly ordered him out of the house, began divorce proceedings, and started dating again five months later. 

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She attested: “Our sex life [referring to her husband] wasn’t great anymore. There wasn’t any passion between us. But I had expected that,” she said, even though she had wanted to grow old with him. Currently, Laura has found herself in a relationship, but she’s reluctant to label it as such. On the other hand, she wants women to realize just how much pleasure is out there and how s*x can be a powerful tool for moving past heartbreak. 

The book is out and selling on AMAZON!


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