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Man Steals $24k After Lifting His Sleeping Ex-Girlfriend’s Eyelids To Unlock Her Phone


Man Steals $24k After Lifting His Sleeping Ex-Girlfriend’s Eyelids To Unlock Her Phone

Did he think he wouldn’t get caught?

In December 2020, Huang went to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment while she was feeling unwell. The 28-Year-Old then took the opportunity and stole $24,000 by using her fingerprint and lifting her eyelids to unlock her cellphone while she slept. 

Huang lifted his ex-GF’s eyelids to get into her phone and stole $24,000 from her digital wallet.

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The GF, identified as Dong, was sick and had fallen asleep having consumed the food and cold medicine Huang had prepared for her. While she was slumbering, he used her finger to unlock her phone and then lifted her eyelids to get past the facial recognition check on Alipay. 

Huang, 28, visited Dong, who was ill at the time and spiked her meal, then waited until she fell asleep. 

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According to The Paper, Huang then changed her password and transferred money from her savings account and credit services to his account to pay off his outstanding debts. Thankfully, the police arrested him in another city in April 2021. The Times reported, he was recently sentenced to prison. Huang is given three and a half years and fined 20,000, an estimated $3,135. 

He transferred 154,000 Chinese yuan, $24,000, into his savings and used the money to settle his debts.

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In a separate interview, an Alipay spokesperson told Yishou Video that numerous conditions would have to be fulfilled before the money could be transferred out. The spokesperson then added that the company would compensate in the rare case of theft and urged users to activate multiple locks on the app to improve their security.

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