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‘I Have No Strength Anymore’: Deborah James Shares Heartbreaking Post Of Dad Brushing Her Hair


‘I Have No Strength Anymore’: Deborah James Shares Heartbreaking Post Of Dad Brushing Her Hair

Appreciating every second!

A woman celebrated Father’s Day with a heart-wrenching post of her dad having to help her out with mundane daily tasks. Dame Deborah James, a journalist, shared that her physical condition has rendered her too weak to brush her own hair.

The 40-year-old captioned her post, “Happy Father’s Day! Yes, my Dad is brushing my hair because I have no strength anymore to brush this.”

Deborah was fighting terminal bowel cancer and entered her fifth year now. She’s receiving end-of-life care at her parent’s house now in Woking. The mom-of-two has since then shared stories of her battle with her followers, and they’re often tear-jerking. Her latest one was her commemorating Father’s Day with her family on Sunday.

She took the time to pen a touching message for her followers, gently reminding everyone to appreciate every second they have with dad.

She went on to talk about her children, particularly Hugo, who’s now 14 years old. She spoke with The Sun, “I’ve not always been a big one for telling Dad how much I love him, so take it from me, just say it. You never know when it might be your last chance.”

“It’s too hard to think about the idea I won’t see my son as a father,” added the sentimental woman, who praised her husband, Seb. She continued, “For me, this year it’s about my dad and Seb, but it’s also about the men in my life who will hopefully one day be fathers too, my son and brother.”

Deborah is now always about feeling grateful for having “another day” to live. She’s outlived the life expectancy diagnosis.

She even felt “knackered” after attending a race on Thursday with her family. The woman thanked her dad for helping her throughout the day and wrote, “I may be knackered today from Ascot yesterday, but dad is there to hold me up.”

Deborah launched a range of Rebellious Hope T-shirts to help raise funds for BowelBabe.

She wrote how she’s “continuing to feel blessed” of her days now.

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