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“I Dated 15 Men In 21 Days Using Tinder Tips Including Pre-Swiping & Making Lists”


“I Dated 15 Men In 21 Days Using Tinder Tips Including Pre-Swiping & Making Lists”

In all, planning ahead does magic.

Finding the perfect match via a dating site is still not easy, despite the availability of several apps to cater to all preferences. But possibly, Helen Chik’s advice can be helpful. The author of S*x, Swipes and Other Stories, a book that details her struggles finding love online, has managed to date 15 men in just 21 days using some practical tips. 

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Notably, she had 15 dates in the short space of just three weeks while traveling to New York. 

Speaking on the Kinda Sort Dating Podcast, Helen shared that: “Time is the one thing you can’t get back, so that’s why I’m very big on time and efficiency.” She then added: “Changing your location prior to arriving in the city, so you’re basically matching people in a city you’re not actually physically in, but you can do all the tedious small talk, banter, vibe checks, before you arrive.”

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“Then pretty much the first or second night, depending on how energetic you are and how far you’ve traveled, you can arrange the first date or catch up.”

“It’s always nice because when you’re matching with people from a new city that you’re not really familiar with, they will know where to go.” As with the content of messages, Helen, who had been divorced twice, advised being open about priorities and even described how she separated topics into two different lists of “need to know” and “nice to know.” 

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She explained the different lists have helped determine how people would react to her status as a divorcee.

The “nice to know” is described as whatever the f**k you want it to be and consists of more lighthearted topics, and by introducing this list into a conversation, Helen said her chats with strangers become interesting, covering crucial issues, and allow for some flirty comments.

However, with people having different stances on stuff, the author urged it’s best always to give your dates the chance to decide. 

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