Husband Was Crushed When His Wife Gave Birth To A Boy That Was Not His

Husband Was Crushed When His Wife Gave Birth To A Boy That Was Not His

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Mark has been married for 9 years and had three beautiful daughters out of that relationship. He thought he would be a dad-of-four, but it all came crushing on him when he, a bloke, who married a pale woman with red hair, saw their newborn baby boy with black skin.

It was a sudden discovery that this baby is not his, which means his wife has not been faithful to him. After a series of complicated family issues with the in-laws, he turned to Reddit to find advice.


The husband was obviously shocked to find his wife giving birth to a black baby. It was obvious the baby was not theirs, but the wife tried to win him back.

Anna tried to explain what happened, it hopes it’ll calm Mark down.

It was no avail – he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. As they tried to find the biological dad with whom she had a one-night stand, he appeared to have completely cut off communication from her. But what’s even worse out of this story is the wife’s parents who treated the baby like it’s a disgrace to them.

Not because she was unfaithful, but because the baby was black.


He shared, “Yes, the trust fund has a LOT of money (mid 8 figures). This would be mean so much to my daughters, probably their whole life without any debt.”

The in-laws took this a step further and told the husband they’ll do anything “to no let “the bastard” around their baby girls.”

People gave their piece of advice and opinion.

After losing her position in the company and the family, her trust fund was being offered to the husband to be passed on to the daughters. But the in-laws also wanted him to testify against her, which may mean losing her rights as a mother and limiting her meeting time with the children.

The majority of responses say he is NTA (Not the ***hole) for allowing the trust fund to go to the daughters. One noted, “However, you WBTA if you accepted their offer to testify against the children’s mother. If there is evidence of abuse or neglect then that’s different, but in general you shouldn’t deprive your children of a relationship with their mother just because of infidelity and racist grandparents.”

Another added, “When someone else is paying the bill, particularly someone who “never liked you”, it’s their lawyer, not yours, and may or may not represent you as well as you would like. It is likely that you and the in-laws have some competing interest that you are not yet aware of, and they are using you as a pawn to get what they want.”