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Woman Learns Her Ex-Husband Cheated From His Wedding Announcement


Woman Learns Her Ex-Husband Cheated From His Wedding Announcement

The world’s worst cheating scandal ever!

It’s disheartening to find out your spouse is cheating, but ever imagine your husband cheating on you and getting married while still in a relationship with you? The aforesaid is the case of Nikyta Moreno who learnt her now ex-husband cheated on her after he claimed he was never married via a wedding announcement featured in the New York Times.

Nikyta Moreno was startled when her marriage suddenly ended in 2017 but she officially just learned why

The Times printed the wedding announcement for Lauren Maillian, 35, and Robert Palmer, 30 on Aug 9, highlighting how they met in January 2017 at the New York Sports Club in Harlem. In the same period, Nikyta was still happily married to Husband Palmer but was left stunned when he insisted on divorce in March. In an interview with New York Post, Nikyta admitted she learned what went wrong and was stunned after reading Palmer’s wedding announcement.

Interestingly, Palmer claimed he had never been married before and this was a turn off for Nikyta. The wedding announcement, specifically detailed how Palmer and Maillian met during exercise in 2017. ‘I had sighted Lauren around and she was one of the few women that lift the weight. She was stunning.’ Palmer acknowledged.

The pair got chatting and shortly fixed a date outside the gym. On their second outing, the pair started staying up late, talking into the early hours of the day. In May, they became close and soon Palmer bonded with Maillian’s children from her past marriage. In 2018, precisely on Dec. 29, Palmer proposed and on August 2nd they got married – 25 guests in attendance. Times, however, did leave out a detail: Palmer was still married when he and Maillian started their courtship.

Moreno had met with Palmer in the summer of 2013 at a gym as well, of which Moreno admitted he was making eyes through the window while also make a gesture. The pair moved in together and got married in a civil ceremony on Dec. 23rd, 2015. Originally, a big wedding party was slated for August 12, 2017, but Palmer didn’t make it to the event.  Moreno had bought her gown, deposit on the venue, and had finalized the menu. Similarly, Moreno’s parents had booked flights and were in the process of putting all effort in making the marriage work. ‘Things abruptly changed.’ Moreno said.

She added:  ‘We visited Texas for his friend’s wedding and to conclude our wedding details. I could tell from there that something was wrong. When we returned, he insisted he needed space. Thinking he was stressed out due to the wedding plan, I assured him of leaving for a week to stay with a friend. When I came back, he wanted a divorce.’

Unfortunately, Moreno learned she was pregnant the same month but had miscarried and blamed it on the stress and hurt. She revealed Palmer didn’t show up at the hospital despite calling repeatedly. Nevertheless, their divorce was made official in January 2018 and Moreno is presently working on getting past what transpired. She wishes ex-husband and new wife all the best and luckily has met someone who she describes as a wonderful being on Planet Earth.

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