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Husband Slams Panic Buyers In A Post After His Wife Came Back From Work In Tears


Husband Slams Panic Buyers In A Post After His Wife Came Back From Work In Tears

You should be thanking the staff in the shops for being there!

Panic shoppers are storming supermarkets to pile up on pretty much everything, ranging from toilet rolls to condoms. As the struggle for items continues, these buyers often forget that those who refill them are humans as well.

Retail workers are currently talking about the abuse they have to endure during work, but it appears like the situation is getting out of hand. After employee Angela Breathet got back from Tesco, she was in floods of tears. She explained to her husband Allan about being yelled at, treated and called names with no respect whatsoever.

Tired of the mistreatment, most especially the selfishness amid the ongoing pandemic, Allan penned down a strong Facebook message, emphasizing why we have to remain decent.


‘Too many people have been viewing 28 Days Later and thinking we are going to run out of stuff. It’s getting a bit out of hand. My wife returned home on Sunday after work – she worked at Tesco for 25years now. She’s worked New Years, Christmas and haven’t seen anything like this.’ Allan from Inverness, Scotland told Mirror.

He further pointed out that people working at supermarkets are just trying all their best to serve the public, adding that calling them names, yelling at and blaming them for these things is passed a joke. Shocked at how his Facebook rant garnered shares and likes, Allan continued: ‘Everyone who commented has been supportive. I just want people when going for shopping to be kind and don’t be aggravated.’

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