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Guy Texts To His Ex-GF Day Before His Wedding Have People Torn On Twitter


Guy Texts To His Ex-GF Day Before His Wedding Have People Torn On Twitter


In as much as people turn their back on a failing relationship, it’s always impossible not to think about the person at times and perhaps even compare them with the present relationship. Most of the times, this recall can result in something truly intense.

Honestly, marriage is a huge deal!

Holy Matrimony is the overall stress test for any relationship. Even when you’re certain of being with the right person, the decision of committing to someone till death is a pretty heavy competition to consider.

It’s difficult to guess what your feeling will be on that ‘Special Day’, but some individuals have found themselves feeling a little nostalgic.

I’ am not talking about a Migraine or Anxiety! What I am talking about is having a reflection of one’s life, back on the failed people that had been welcomed and sent out before eventually tying the knot with the right person.

However, let’s introduce you to Alexsa Sanchez Aguilar.

The beautiful lady in the above picture is not getting married. But the forthcoming marriage of someone who was once close to her has prompted a recent Twitter Thread.

Specifically, Alexsa was visited via a text message  

The canceled blacked-out parts in the text hide her ex-boyfriend’s name. Her ex-boyfriend reached out to her, totally out of the norm!


Alexsa captioned the screenshots with ‘I’m Speechless’ and you can see the reason. Her ex-boyfriend wrote an epistle in a text messaging platform about their past life. Honestly, sending an ex a voluntary text message on the eve of your special day doesn’t sound like anything appropriate.

To top it all, the guy acknowledged his fiancée is OK with it, but something obviously doesn’t seem right.

Not Surprising, Twitter assessed in!

Some users saw good in every concerned party!

While some felt Alexsa should feel a little insulted!

It’s however, certain that Alexsa has kept her response private. And whatever it might be, we’ll just wonder what she told him. Imagine it, readers!

It might be:

But wait! What really happened?

Hit the nail Girl!

Anyways, Happy Wedding Day, Ex!

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