Guy Tells His Hilarious Story Of Exacting Revenge On Neighbor And It Goes Viral

Guy Tells His Hilarious Story Of Exacting Revenge On Neighbor, And It Goes Viral

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It’s not every day do you hate a neighbor to the point that you ruin his relationship. But this read below will get you to agree with the plot and soon sympathize with this man, Wesley because all he wants now is to go home. It’s a full-course drama complete with psychos.

And they will make you laugh really hard as well, the perfect thing we all need during this boorish time.

More info: wesley__1k/twitter

So, Twitter user wesley_1k had been tweeting an exciting story…

He was curious, but Whataburger was his priority.

He wasn’t DONE at all. But here’s where everything went hilariously wrong for our man, Wes.

Up to this point, we can all understand that our twitter user had one bad neighbor who really don’t know how to be nice. He’s a cheater and a prick, but he’s actually worse than that. Unfortunately, our man got trapped in between his relationship and didn’t realize just how deep it is.


What movie you wanna watch? Scary?

Now, he just wants to be home. Badly.

We will pray for you, man. But we can’t help you. Social distancing.

Quarantine has driven some of us mad but only a few such as this man here who overcame it and remain as the source of entertainment for us all. But on the side note, we hope he comes out of this situation alive and reaches his home next door without getting desecrated.