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16 People Who Posted What Kind Of Dramas Are Happening In Their Neighborhood


16 People Who Posted What Kind Of Dramas Are Happening In Their Neighborhood

What about your neighborhood?

What is it like to live among human beings? Each of us have different opinions and likes it or not, your neighbors can really affect what you think about humans in general. Neighbors can be really helpful, but also insane. Moving into a new place is a 50:50 chance of putting yourself under a really annoying, grumpy old man who dislikes the slightest noise you make.

But there are also good neighbors who help out when there are problems and are willing to share when they can. We at Greenlemon would like to share 16 of the kindest, most unusual and sometimes, terrifying neighbors ever.

This neighbor always leaves the things they don’t need anymore under the stair by the elevator. Those who need them can just take them.

© / pikabu

Sometimes, it’s important to let your kid show what they think about their hobbies.

© Overheard / vk

This neighbor mows the front lawn once for all the new neighbors as a welcoming gift.

© Tru_Fakt / reddit

It’s a vicious circle.

© Margarita Yacobson / twitter

Neighbor made a colorful giant caterpillaw with colored bowling balls. They’ve moved it closer to us because they noticed my 2-year-old son loving it.

© 7ln6ss / reddit

The neighbors had the walls on the corridor decorated with plaster reliefs. Now it looks like an interesting exhibition.

© velivok / pikabu

So, the neighbors have been holding their parties opposite to the bathroom. It appears that the privacy window was installed backward, so you can fully see what’s happening inside.

© averkels / reddit

There were loud noises coming from the bathroom as the neighbor tried to break into the apartment from the medicine cabinet.

© jchancho / reddit

And how they can suddenly put you on a tight spot.

© / pikabu

Grandma’s neighbor is an artist, so the front door is already looking like their personal display case.

© KatjaDuck / pikabu

When a stupid fence is in the way of a buddy dog who wanna be friends with you.

© kuchka70 / pikabu

Mom has begun decorating the staircase because he’s used all the space.

© sunnyhyena / pikabu

This neighbor made his message clear.

© IGotBoredAtMyFamilysChristmasParty / imgur

So, this neighbor changed the front door with the old one standing between them for a long time already. Now we understand.

© Svadebnaya / pikabu

We used to exchange keys with our neighbor. Since then, things like cottage cheese, milk and fruits would appear in our home. She wouldn’t admit to them, but after we are financially stable, we repaid her.

© Manunya777 / pikabu

This guy is in his 70s, but never missed the day to plow the sidewalk every morning for the entire block.

© Scootatheschool1990 / reddit

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