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Guy Reveals How He Helped Out A Woman Who Was Being Followed By Three Strangers


Guy Reveals How He Helped Out A Woman Who Was Being Followed By Three Strangers

Hail the everyday heroes among us.

Being good to people far and within can really mean a lot. It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be hinged on activities including making pancakes for local sales, watering gardens and many more.

Sometimes, being good also entails protecting/fighting for a total stranger when followed by a group of people intending to do harm.

Well, that’s what a Twitter User recently did when a stranger (woman) in need approached him, hugged and cried for help. Hurriedly, the woman told him to act like they knew each other, so she could get back home safely to her son.

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A Twitter User Explained How He Assisted A Complete Stranger Who Was Followed By Three Men


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Going all viral with an estimated 400.3K likes and over 61K retweet, the internet appreciated the stranger’s actions. And besides, who wouldn’t want to help out when in trouble?

On the other hand, the incident occurred in New York and some individuals are beginning to wonder if the city is dangerous. For all we know, New York is the safest as well as the largest metropolis in the United States with a lower than average crime rate.

Being the most visited city in the country, with an estimated million guests yearly, tourists remains targets for petty thefts. Thus, when planning to visit New York’s Chinatown, it’s best to keep in mind that even though it has a lower rate of homicide and theft, robberies and assaults are quite common.

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