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Grandkids Take Grandpa, 82, To Britain’s Rudest Diner Without Telling Him


Grandkids Take Grandpa, 82, To Britain’s Rudest Diner Without Telling Him

Hilarity ensued as they started arguing.

A grandpa had quite the unusual celebration for his 82nd birthday. His grandkids decided that it’s gonna be one tailored more towards his ego, and you’ll soon realize why.

The grandpa was taken to the Karen’s Diner in Sheffield, and you can guess what it’s all about: experience the worst, rudest service ever.

Ellie Coleman, seemingly one of the grandkids having a blast watching the dumbfounded grandpa handling the rude staff, filmed his grandpa arguing with them and making a face after that. It gets hilarious as he was told, “f*****g eat it then, I want you to f**k off,” by one of the staff.

He wore “old b*****d” hat to get into the mood. What mood, you ask?

Because the staff was about to sing “happy birthday, f**k off” to the man! Well, to be fair, he was heard saying that the Karen’s Diner for his 82nd birthday was “not my scene.”

Many of the viewers found themselves feeling soft for the grandpa, who probably didn’t understand what was going on.

He looked so done with this place.

Users were feeling bad for the grandpa as it was supposed to be his birthday!

But the next day, his grandkids confirmed that he was having a good laugh, and grandpa did not disappoint when asked about the experience.

He told those who made rude comments on the video to “b******s off”, so clearly, he got the hang of it now. His next visit to the Karen’s Diner feels imminent.

Would you bring your loved elderly ones here for that extra special day?

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