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Girlfriend Left Embarrassed As BF Celebrates Her First Fart In Front Of Him With A Cake


Girlfriend Left Embarrassed As BF Celebrates Her First Fart In Front Of Him With A Cake

What was your first fart like?

Farts are gross but occasionally are hilarious and ultimately an inevitable part of every human being on Planet Earth. Farting might seem uncouth, but it’s equally not a thing couples should be ashamed of or perhaps shy away from. A few people have agreed it’s sometimes just one of the best ways to express how comfortable one gets with their spouse. 

A healthy relationship is built on not being shy about opening the windows and letting in a little backyard breeze chase out the awful smell from a fart. With that said, it’s perfectly acceptable to fart in front of your significant other, although it can be quite embarrassing if it’s the first time.

Here, a girlfriend has been left embarrassed as her boyfriend celebrated her first fart in front of him with a tongue-licking cake. Shared on a Reddit page titled r/funny’, the Bf’s friend posted a photo of the hilarious sponge cake baked to commemorate the woman’s gassiness. The cake featured an iced cartoon-version of the girlfriend with words that read: ‘Courtney’s first fart, 11/08/2020. 

Girlfriend Left Embarrassed As BF Celebrates Her First Fart In Front Of Him With A Cake

‘My buddy’s girlfriend farted in front of him for the first time. He got a cake for the occasion.’ The Bf’s friend, with a Reddit name ‘idk5775’, captioned the photo. Expectedly, fellow Redditors couldn’t overlook it as they were equally left in hysterics over the unusual gesture while also applauding the concept. ‘Poor girl. Good for her. I mean this genuinely, good on you for being a supportive partner willing to help her find a healthier relationship with her body and sexuality.’ A user commented. 

A second added: ‘Happy cake day! Great first fart to you too! It made me crack up, Haha! A third confessed: ‘I will always remember my wife’s first fast. It was our second or third date. I was dropping her off, so I got out of the car to hug her, but I squeezed too tight, and she ripped one right in front of me. She was horrified, but I was crying, laughing in front of her house at midnight. Oh, man, such a fond memory.’ Nevertheless, farting in front of your spouse is one courteous way of saying you’ve been eating very healthy; hence ride on and do put shame away! 

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