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Artist Creates Hilarious Fart Guide That Every Couple Must Read


Artist Creates Hilarious Fart Guide That Every Couple Must Read

We all want to appear our best at all time. One of the hardest things to do is to withhold the gas that has been piling up inside us. It’s pure torture at times. There’s the biology part telling us this is not healthy. The other part is telling us that we might be not just blowing out nasty wind, but our future partner together with it. So, there comes the dilemma that Weng Chen wants to dispel in his comic strips under the series The Adventures of Messy Cow.

“Some couples can fart comfortably in front of each other after a week, some won’t do that after 50 years,” she added. “I think you should care about how it affects your relationship because you don’t want to make your partner dislike you, and it’s important you keep liking each other in a long-term relationship. I recommend using my comics as a guide and test it step by step. If your partner showed disgust at some point, don’t proceed further down the list.” she said.

To fart is normal, It is part of our body and is a healthy process that keeps us healthy. Holding it back can be bad for us and we can’t risk getting various diseases by holding up the fart for the rest of our life in front of our partners. Read up and be enlightened about it!

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