Hilarious Farewell Cakes Workers Got On Their Last Day At The Office

30 Hilarious Farewell Cakes Workers Got On Their Last Day At The Office

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Not everyone has been in this situation, but that feeling when you can finally say farewell to your boss for one last time is just satisfying. But it doesn’t mean that you hate your workmates because colleagues can sometimes become the reason you’re still sane.

And when those workmates hold you precious, saying goodbye can be pretty sad. But hey, they know it’s the best for you if you’ve found a better place to work at. So, for one last time, they decided to make it into the best day ever by getting you the kind of cake you will show-off to everyone.

Green Lemon has compiled 30 best creative cake designs for farewells!

1. Only programmers understand.


2. This friend got a job at Bing.com, hence the most reasonable design to get.


3. So, this person worked at a vet office.


4. Left a job and friends obviously didn’t wnt him to leave.


5. Why?! Do you hate us?

6. Praying you for a successful job interview.


7. GTFO.


8. Moved to a new team… still the same workplace.


9. Thanks for your ‘hardwork’. You may sue this cake as a reference.


10. The office grouch is leaving, so here’s his cake.


11. When you got laid off but your friends want to cheer you up even if they risk their job.


12. We’ll never forget you. Maybe.

13. Made this adorable cake for a couple of cake.

Ruth York

14. Zombie-theme cake.


15. Got the IT boss a farewell meme cake.


16. Workmate is leaving for China.


17. This person’s last day’s cake is mood.

18. Husband gave the best cake ever for last day at work.


19. Batman farewell cake with Gotham city skyline on the side.


20. So, Becky is leaving to help monkeys of South Africa.


21. Friend quit her job and the people loved her.


22. John sounds like a good marketer.

Shekinah Deli

23. This cake is lovely, but it’s the first time chocolate looks so… unattractive.

SugarGirlsCakeShop’s Bucket

24. Mother-in-law finally got a better job and this was her cake.


25. It seems like someone has been waiting for their chance to use this meme.


26. We love you, traitor.


27. Yes, we both going to hell for this.


28. On the last day, co-worker reassured him.


29. We’re not sorry, but here’s a cake.

Terri Lowe

30. Loving that mole.

Edible Art by Lorna