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Internet Users Are Having A Hard Time Believing This Cake Isn’t Raw Turkey


Internet Users Are Having A Hard Time Believing This Cake Isn’t Raw Turkey

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Sarah Hardy is a being with a hell of talents. Dubbed as the baker from hell, and a diabolical genius Sarah, who’s British makes weirdest, craziest, goriest and the most unique cakes and chocolates you’ve never imagined.

‘I love what I do and I get to be curious too. I create intriguing things out of delicious chocolate and it makes me happy. I get to do the things that appear are not tasty. And then they are tasty. It’s a definite thing.’ Sarah wrote on the page: The Edible Museum.

While she has been known for quite an age, her recent raw turkey cake has really gone viral. Sarah is a sculptor but prevented from being able to work effectively when she started having children.

More info: The Edible Museum | Instagram | Recipe

Ceci N’est Pas Une Thanksgiving Turkey!

Charlie Floyd

From the subject matter, this turkey is,  however, not what it seems to be. This slightly repulsive raw bird is precisely a decorated cake made from four layers of sponge layered with buttercream icing, giving the cake a realistic pinkish skin tone.

‘I’ve been doing weird stuff all the way through my life. You should see some of my teenage sculptures with hair sprouting of a bulbous stretchy foot and vertebrae. I had also been making wedding cakes, adding the odd brown petal or insect to the beautiful sugar flowers. I don’t think all the brides ever suspected.’ Sarah told Bored Panda

She added: ‘I got fed up with making cakes that appeared like what other top designers were doing. I started making things more akin to a Dutch still life with snails crawling all over. I so much love still life, beauty, and deaths altogether.’

This Look-Like Turkey Is Actually A Delicious Cake!

Charlie Floyd

It Was Baked By Sarah Hardy, A British Baker Who Embarks On The Weirdest Baking Projects

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One Of The Many Is This Raw Turkey

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Watch The Turkey Cake In Action

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