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25 Cakes That Look Just Like What They Were Meant To Be


25 Cakes That Look Just Like What They Were Meant To Be

Is that ste- oh.

These days, bakers come with all sorts of ideas and creativity that really make their cakes more than just sweet desserts. They are baking, decorating and selling cakes that some people don’t have the guts to slice because they just look so beautiful and cute!

Green Lemon has compiled some of the best designs that you absolutely will not want to ruin.

1. The kind of onion that won’t make you cry.


2. When you want a T-Rex in sweater but doesn’t know how to. Just bake it!


3. For kids who love the beach!


4. Best to celebrate sobriety!


5. Have this with a cup of REAL coffee.


6. I’d like some really sweet eggs please!


7. This really realistic piñata.

© Unknown / imgur

8. I needed some salty snacks. But I guess this works, too.

© lukevincentini / instagram

9. The real burger king!


10. This is a red velvet cake with lemon frosting. Don’t trust us?

© brutalbee / reddit

11. What if we told you these lemons are sweet?


12. Never trust bakers anymore.


13. Best for bridal showers!


14. I’m going to eat your king!

© Unknown / imgur

15. When you crave for a new pair of sneakers.

© Unknown / imgur

16. The best kind of macaroni.


17. This thing doesn’t just smell good – it tastes good, too.


18. The softest watermelon you will ever eat.

© kkjay97 / reddit

19. These succulents don’t need water and now, you can eat them!


20. The real PanCake.

© judo_bron / reddit

21. The kind of lie you can’t be mad of.


22. Omg, that’s such a cute ostrich baby!


23. Eating and reading my morning news.


24. But I wanted real fried chickens-

© bkzz_ / reddit

25. Snake haters can now calmly, literally, squish their most hated things into nothingness.

© Unknown / imgur

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