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Girl Ordered Boxers For Her BF But They Came With Other Girl’s Face On Them And Her Reaction Goes Viral


Girl Ordered Boxers For Her BF But They Came With Other Girl’s Face On Them And Her Reaction Goes Viral

Clip of her unboxing them is priceless!

Mya Dunham, a student in Springfield, Missouri has gone viral after uploading her recent encounter on social media platform –TikTok.

In February 2019, Mya ordered boxers for her BF and specifically wanted her face on it, instead, they were delivered with someone else’s face.

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Mya Dunham

‘I actually got him a personalized blanket for Xmas. In my mind, I felt it was kind of like getting my BF weird shit part II. I envisaged his response to getting the underwear was really going to be hilarious.’ Mya explained.

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The college student had reached a decision to film an unboxing of the underwear before delivering them to her BF. Nevertheless, she wasn’t all prepared to seeing someone else’s face on them.

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Mya Dunham

‘Clearly, I was stunned and a little disappointed. I had waited for them to come in for months and they were definitely not what I was expecting. Besides, how can you not laugh about the whole thing? It’s completely one of those things like ‘Certainly this would happen to me.’ Mya added as she laughed-out-loud.

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Mya Dunham

Taking to TikTok, Mya uploaded the clip in hopes of finding the girl on the boxers. Particularly, her clip has garnered over 3 million views and interestingly the internet didn’t disappoint Mya.

‘A stranger reached out on Instagram saying the unknown girl was her friend and crazy enough, she was! The girl’s name is Vicky and she goes to UC Berkley while I attend Missouri State University – that’s quite a distance!’ Mya revealed.

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Mya Dunham

Nevertheless, both Mya and Vicky reached an agreement to mail the correct boxers to each other but as a result of the ongoing pandemic, they were unable to carry out their plan. On the other hand, Mya spoke to her BF about the boxers’ incident and indeed he found it hilarious.

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Mya Dunham

NB: Mya’s BF didn’t, however, try on Vicky pair of boxers, instead he admitted waiting for his pair with Mya’s face on them.

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