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First Trailer For Avatar 2 Has Been Dropped


First Trailer For Avatar 2 Has Been Dropped

Scheduled to air this December.

Still remember the beautiful, fantasy world James Cameron and the crew brought to us back in 2009 through ‘Avatar‘? A sequel to the movie has always been mentioned, but there were so many challenges, especially with the pandemic.

But it’s finally here: the official trailer and poster have been both posted. No fanmade videos, no rumors – it’s actually here with a release date.

The James Cameron-directed movie is set around 10 years after Jack Sully, and his Na’vi partner, Neytiri, survived the war on Pandora, and now have a family of their own. Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are also back to reprise their respective roles in the movie.

This was previously teased in some still pictures shared on their Instagram page.

Zoe Saldana definitely hyped the movie up when she admitted to crying while watching the show. She shared, “I can get choked up just talking about it because I was able to see just 20 minutes of the second installment right before the year ended, last year.”

“And I was speechless, I was moved to tears,” the actress spoke in an interview. “Avatar 2 is definitely a leap from the Avatar 1, so I think you really have to brace yourself for it, but it’s going to be an adventure you will not forget.”

First Trailer For Avatar 2 Has Been Dropped
First Trailer For Avatar 2 Has Been Dropped

They’ve also shared some art concepts that set the world we will be exploring in the sequel.

Cameron had also previously told Arnold Schwarzenegger in a video call that they’re about “95% complete” on Avatar 3. They did lose about four and a half months of production but were glad to have picked New Zealand for their movie.

“We made the first film here in New Zealand, and it’s ranked either first or second-best country in the world for its Covid response – sometimes Germany’s in the number one spot, sometimes New Zealand’s in the number one spot,” shared Cameron. “But we’re actually able to operate.”

The sequel’s premiere date has been set for December 16, 2022.

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