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Family’s Requirements For A Babysitter Are Insane So They Got Shamed For It


Family’s Requirements For A Babysitter Are Insane So They Got Shamed For It

This is way too unreasonable – Total wickedness!

It’s high time people come to terms with the fact that Babysitters are also people as well. Their nature of work does matter a lot and they deserve to be paid a fair wage for their services. As simple and understandable as the aforementioned might sound to people who have common sense, they sure sound unconventional to some demanding families.

While there’s a subclass of parents who demand the best for their children but refused to treat the individuals who take care of them, a Reddit user has posted a family’s Ad for a babysitter on the section titled ‘Choosing Beggars Subreddit.’

Oh my Gosh, It’s really a long list! And appear very much like a Job Ad and very much the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. One thing that broke the camel’s back was that the family asked any interested babysitter to pay rent while also taking care of their children.

In short words: ‘They won’t be paying the babysitter, but will allow the babysitter to pay less rent.’ Interesting!

This family shared a long list of unreasonable demands for interested babysitters


The one that also attracted my eye the most was were the parents equally demanded that the babysitter would have to buy and cook food as well as have to work while being critically watched by smart security cameras. Honestly, these requirements are excessive and hard to abide by for just $60 a week.

Here’s the room that potential babysitters would pay reduced rent for

Nevertheless, parents really need to act decently when seeking the services of a professional babysitter. Insisting babysitters pay for their personal food, not to mention whether the cost of fuel for driving around their kids would be covered is entirely not fair, it’s clear wickedness.

On the other hand, changing all of these requirements would make the family more friendly, right?

People, however, got angered with the family’s demands:

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