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Babysitter Shares A Text Exchange With Parents Looking For Someone To Extort As Cheap Labor


Babysitter Shares A Text Exchange With Parents Looking For Someone To Extort As Cheap Labor

Do you think Susan did the right thing?

Undeniably, children can be really adorable and fun to be with. But babysitting some kind of kids can be entirely challenging.

Specifically, taking care/looking after kids is something stressful as when compared to handling teenagers. They are hungry, their mood changes and to top it all, their sleeping time and position are somewhat unpredictable.

Hence, it’s no wonder babysitters want to be paid a decent wage for looking/taking care of someone else children. Even if your children are not that worrisome, it’s still expected their babysitter is paid well.

The opposite of the aforementioned was what was faced by a babysitter, let call her Susan, who was shamed by a mother for requesting to be paid $15 per hour. 

According to the unidentified mother, let give her Anna, such a price was too high for taking care of her well-mannered children who would be sleeping most of the time. Interestingly, Susan stood her ground and didn’t give in at all.

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A babysitter stood her ground after being shamed by a mother

In Anna’s opinion, Susan shouldn’t have asked for a high price because her 3 children are well-behaved. Anna felt $8 per hour was sufficient. But honestly, she was entirely wrong. On the other hand, Susan wasn’t planning on giving in to emotional blackmail and displayed that her dignity and pride were worth more than little bucks.

Taking care of someone else’s children is not all about just showing up. The Healthline had provided some helpful tips for babysitters when dealing with both parents and children. For instance, it’s expected a babysitter shouldn’t figure out details by themselves but should call up the parents if there’s an issue or question.

Here’s However How People Reacted:

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