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Dad Shares His 10-Year-Old Daughter’s Christmas Wish List And It Makes People Laugh Out Loud


Dad Shares His 10-Year-Old Daughter’s Christmas Wish List And It Makes People Laugh Out Loud

What outrageous things have your kids asked for Christmas?

Every child loves Christmas!

Seen as an opportunity to spend time with families and friends, they also see it as an avenue to decorate their homes and to eat delicious meals. The fun part is Gifts.

Yearly, children wait for Christmas to request for their latest gadgets and toys via their wish list. A lot easier for parents whose children very much believe in Santa Claus, it becomes a thing to be fulfilled since Santa can’t meet all of the children across the world.

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Just recently, a dad posted his daughter’s Christmas wish list and it has left internet users cracking up


His 10-Year-Old daughter, who prepared the list of gifts so long has equally left the father surprised, making him share the list on his Twitter account.  


The list reads:

Christmas List: ‘iPhone 11, Airpods, New Mac Book Air, A Real Bunny, Hydro Flask, Clothes, Make-up, Pink Pumas, Gucci Slide, Chanel Purs, Perfume, Asenchal oil, American Girl Doll Car, New Shoes, Earings/Julery, Chekered Vans, Go pro, Pink Duck Tap, Glues Food Coloring and Laundry Detergent, Clothes For Bunny, $4000 Dollars, Lol Doll Camper, Lol Dolls/Big sister, Lol Doll Shalay, New Shets Amd Cover and Alarm Clock’


The dad wrote: ‘My soon to be 10-Year-Old daughter obviously has a false sense of funds that we have with this Christmas list. A very big Kudos to her expensive taste.’


Noticing something peculiar about the list – the $4000 and laundry detergent, Twitter users were quick to think the little girl might be planning to start a new life away from her family. In all, the list is completely hilarious and certainly, all parents will relate to what a headache it can be when fulfilling children’s wishes.

Here’s How People Reacted:

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