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Meet Excitable Edgar! John Lewis’s Tearjerker Christmas Advert Featuring Edgar


Meet Excitable Edgar! John Lewis’s Tearjerker Christmas Advert Featuring Edgar

The best one so far!

John Lewis has officially released its long-awaited Christmas advert, featuring an excitable and an accident-prone dragon called Edgar.

Edgar, who lives in a freezing mythical village with his redheaded closest friend is made the star of Lewis’s tearjerker Christmas advert.

The John Lewis Christmas advert, Excitable Edgar, features a baby dragon in a historical village

Edgar almost burns a carrot in the advert

The baby dragon loves Christmas but can’t control his fire breathing and so hides away from the village

This year’s ad seems to be a return to the theme of previous ones. 2018 featured Elton John and his life, which started with the star receiving a piano as a gift

In the heart-touching and hilarious advert, the pair were forced to quell his hazardous fire-breathing. The festive period got threatened as a giant Christmas tree got flamed, the local ice rink melts and a snowman is destroyed.

Marking the 1st time the department store joined with Sister Brand, Waitrose for a festival advert, there was a mixed reaction to 2018’s advert which featured Elton John.

Edgar related products are available for fans to buy such as a £15 cuddly toy and some Wellington boots for £16 to £19.

Chocolate Edgars cost £3.50 and are available at Waitrose. Also, Edgar Gingerbread Biscuits cost £1.50

Other items on offer include the Excitable Edgar book, priced at £9.99 and some sleepwear which costs £17 to £19

The new ad, however, appears to be a return to formula.  Proud Graham Daily on November 14th disclosed his daughter played Ava (Ruby) and wrote on Facebook: ‘The John Lewis 2019 Christmas Advert. My own Rubstar of the show. So proud and excited for her.’

On the other hand, the newly released ad had garnered praise on social media, with fans dubbing it cracking and great.

A user commented saying: ‘Nothing says Christmas like the fire-breathing dragon.  I think it’s also my mother-in-law’s turn to cook for the family this year.’  

Many internet users said they liked the advert while others said they preferred the offering from other retailers 

The advert follows the accident-prone dragon excited about the upcoming festivities in his village. But, accidentally, he melts the ice-rink, set a Christmas tree on fire and reduced a snowman to a puddle.

After the incident, Edgar shut himself away in despair but was never abandoned by his best friend, Ava, who encouraged him to rejoin the village with the gift of a Christmas pudding.

During the advert, Edgar gets worried that he will ruin the big day so hides away from the villagers

His red-headed friend Ava comes to the rescue and manages to find a way Edgar can join in with the festivities

Some social media users suggested Edgar bore a striking resemblance to Zog, a children’s comic book character

Ava comes up with the perfect idea to make sure Edgar can also join in with the villagers

Just like previous years, the advert, however, encourages involvement with a good cause. And this year, it’s food poverty, Charity FareShare with feasts to be held in John Lewis shops and communities ahead of Christmas.

Not much is known about the actress who plays Ava but she is ten years old and comes from Scotland

The advert has a happy ending for Edgar the well-meaning dragon and the villagers, all thanks to Ava’s help

Edgar unveiled as the star of John Lewis Ad

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