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Photographer Takes Hilarious Photos With The Grinch Instead Of Santa For Christmas


Photographer Takes Hilarious Photos With The Grinch Instead Of Santa For Christmas

The Grinch now loves Christmas! Awesome!!

One unique thing about Christmas is doing the same designs and traditions year-on-year with friends and family. But an amazing photographer has turned the table around. She adds her own spin on one classic Christmas tradition and the world crazily loves it.

Yes! Taking a photo with Santa Claus is a tradition many children/families adore

Unsplash | Mike Arney

Photos with Santa are regarded as a great keepsake for the Christmas season.

But, one creative photographer from Arkansas did come up with a funny idea on the tradition

Facebook | KD Photography

Kim Durham, the owner of KD Photography is offering families and their children an opportunity to take pictures with the Grinch instead of the popularly-recognized Santa.

But wait! How did she book The Grinch? Grinch never loved Christmas, or was his change of heart truly real?

I know, the Grinch is quite popular too, most especially with the holidays running faster.

With some of the children appearing a little uncertain about the Grinch being a replacement for Santa, Kim revealed it’s going fun

Facebook | KD Photography

‘Our Grinch doesn’t always allow the children to cry. We have kisses, little baby snuggles and hugs as well,’ Kim said via a Facebook post.

Are you not loving these photos? I am!

Facebook | KD Photography

The photo session of Kim’s Grinch got an overwhelming reply on Social Media. Well, she might be adding more picture dates for December.

It appears The Grinch has a soft side! His movie said it all!!

Facebook | KD Photography

No, I mean, the Grinch can’t even resist cuddling a baby.

Don’t be scared, almost every kid loved meeting the Grinch

Facebook | KD Photography

So, what’s your opinion? Are you still rooting for Santa?

Facebook | KD Photography

On social media, particularly Facebook, Kim’s pictures went massively viral:

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