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Courteney Cox hits back at Kanye West for saying ‘Friends’ wasn’t funny


Courteney Cox hits back at Kanye West for saying ‘Friends’ wasn’t funny

Kanye emphasized he was not one of those thrilled.

It’s no secret that the sitcom Friends was a hit, and almost 20 years later, people are still laughing at Chandler’s jokes and using photos of the cast as memes. Shockingly, Kanye West has emphasized that he was never thrilled and didn’t think Friends was funny. 

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With Ye’s track ‘Heartless, playing in the background, Courteney Cox weighed in on the remark.

In her video, the Friends star was seen as she zoomed in on the words ‘Friends wasn’t funny, while raising her eyebrows in shock before abruptly walking over to her speakers and cutting Kanye’s music off. She wrote in the clip: “I bet the old Kanye thought Friends was funny [sad face]. 

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Courteney Cox hits back at Kanye West for saying ‘Friends’ wasn’t funny 14

Before Cox made her disapproval clear, Kanye, 45, alleged most of his tweets weren’t written by him. 

 “Someone copied my style of text and wrote something not funny. I know you guys gonna be disappointed but I actually didn’t write the tweet [sic] that said, Friends, wasn’t funny either.” If Kanye’s comment had ended here, it might have been a nice redemption implying he disagreed with the tweet about Friends. 

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However, he added: “But I wish I had I’d love to know who thought of that.” 

This is the newest series of claims the rapper made on Instagram, including turning attention to his family and airing he has a p*rn addiction. “Don’t let Kris [Jenner] make you do playboy like she made [Kylie Jenner] and Kim do,” he had written, adding that Hollywood is a giant brothel P*ornography. He hasn’t responded to Cox’s video; his most recent post shows him hugging his children and saying they’ve no idea what daddy has gone through. 

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