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Convincing Rumors Have This ‘Stranger Things’ Star Eyed For DCEU’s ‘Nightwing’


Convincing Rumors Have This ‘Stranger Things’ Star Eyed For DCEU’s ‘Nightwing’

Definitely exciting to see him be the strong guy instead now.

Fans can finally be confirmed on the existence of Robin. ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ has established his existence, but plans to realize a movie on him went down the drain when it all failed with ‘Justice League’.

A source has hinted that a ‘Stranger Things’ star is now being eyed to take on the role. With the whole franchise getting another reboot and Robert Pattinson as well as Zoe Kravitz officially part of the universe, it’s only right to have Robin’s actor quickly confirmed. The same source was also the one who confirms that Robert Pattinson is the next Batman and that Viola Davis will still be cast for ‘The Suicide Squad’.

dacre montgomery steve harrington

Matt Reeves has a particular taste that may not have aligned with the public has in mind. Previously, fans were vouching for Dacre Montgomery who played Billy thanks to his stellar performance on the latest season in ‘Stranger Things’. But Reeves knows what he’s doing.

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