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Christian Wilkins Goes Glam In A Stunning Top And Skirt As He Hits Back At ‘Idiots’ Who Mocked Him For It


Christian Wilkins Goes Glam In A Stunning Top And Skirt As He Hits Back At ‘Idiots’ Who Mocked Him For It

The star shut those loud noises down with his latest chic look.

Australian fashion star Christian Wilkins has continuously made an amazing red carpet presence with his fashion. The 27-year-old actor, however, has also been receiving criticisms from people who thought he shouldn’t have worn so feminine at the events.

Obviously, such comments had no place in him, who slammed them as “mysoginistic” and “homophobic.”

The socialite queer model and actor spoke with The Courier Mail, “If you met me and attacked my personality, that would upset me, but if you think I’m wrong for wearing a dress because I have a doodle, you’re an idiot.”

“Not only do I think it’s homophobic, but it’s misogynistic. It’s this notion of ‘I’m a man, and I’m dressing like a woman, and therefore that makes me less.'”

He continued, “That’s a disgusting notion. It’s 2022, whatever.”

Wilkins has been wearing dresses since he was ten years old and had always felt gorgeous, especially in dresses. He shared encouraging words, “There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than someone who feels beautiful in an outfit. It just radiates through you.”

He often slams criticizing and negative comments that go as far as calling him “not normal” for being in feminine clothes.

But it doesn’t look like Christian falters easily from such comments, and he handled it with fire on Twitter, “What is happening to the world!!!! Masculinity is ending!!! Burn everything!!”

His supporters agreed, with one replying to him, “She’s so mad you’re prettier than her and can pull off a dress which she’d most definitely be unable to… jealously IS a disease.”

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Christian shared, “I remember when I used to work at Channel Nine just doing marketing, and some days I’d just go in with pink glitter all over my eyes. And they’d be like, ‘Why are you wearing pink glitter?'”

“I would say, ‘Because woke up and I was a bit sad today, and I just felt like it was a pink glitter eye shadow day.’ If you want to wear it if you want to do eyes and lips, who is telling you that you can only do one? Do it! Do whatever makes you feel good.”

Wilkins stayed true to his love for dresses and everything pretty in blue for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

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