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Chanelle Hayes Shows The Power Of Photoshop With ‘Scary’ Before & After Pics


Chanelle Hayes Shows The Power Of Photoshop With ‘Scary’ Before & After Pics

It’s easy to look perfect on pictures.

There are many editing tools available today, but let’s take the most popular one: Photoshop. Chanelle Hayes is showing to her followers, young and old, how easy it is to remove the imperfection and enhance her skin tone through Photoshop.

“The power of technology these days is scary. Especially if you’re good at it (I, clearly, am not),” she wrote, joking about how editing pictures is not her forte.

The 34-year-old ‘Big Brother’ star shows in her most recent post how different she looks with a bit of editing.

“The ease at which we can alter our appearance at the click of a button unnerves me. I am glad this technology wasn’t available to me when I was a teenager because I would have been very, very messed up.”

“The “circles of shame” in magazines was one thing, but today we are literally shamed for not editing our pics.”

Her fans were sharing the energy with one writing, “You are amazing. At last, someone in the public eye who’s being real! You deserve a medal, my lovely.”

“Keep it real. You’re a brilliant example of how people should be instead of being swayed/pressured/bullied by social media etc., to look & keep up to a certain standard,” read another.

At the age of 19, she shot to popularity after appearing on ‘Big Brother.’ But that was also the same time when her body image started to take a deep dive.

She shared with The Sun, “My life post-Big Brother, my eating habits got worse, everyone I hung out with in London was even smaller than me, so I felt so big. They all took drugs, which I guess explains why they were thin, but that was not something I was into.”

“I was living in hotels and would not eat anything all day; if I got absolutely starving, I would eat a tin of tomatoes with hot sauce, then take laxatives.”

She’s also got into a diet with slimming pills, but because of her lifestyle and dependency, her diet got out of control when she’s not with the pills, and she’d put on weight. She reached 17 stone 4lbs at one point.

She finally got her gastric sleeve fitted in 2020, which helps curb her craving for food as she feels full faster. The nurse in training has since been able to keep her weight under ten stone, losing 8.5 stone so far.

She now loves sharing her before and after images, encouraging people to love themselves as they are.

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