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Influencer Hits Back Trolls With Non-Edited, Candid Bikini Selfies


Influencer Hits Back Trolls With Non-Edited, Candid Bikini Selfies

Fitness star Emily Skye shows off her belly wrinkle.

Fitness star Emily Star from Australia has been recently accused of using editing software on her pictures, particularly around her stomach. Many think she has occasionally been hiding the wrinkles on her belly.

The fitness star based in Gold Coast shared a candid video of herself comparing her belly when she relaxes and flexes her muscles.

The influencer spoke, “I just wanted to jump on and point out something that might be obvious to a lot of you and may not for others.”

“I have been accused of many things, but lately, it’s been Photoshopping out my wrinkled skin, which is weird because I make a point of showing it. I would never Photoshop it out. Never, ever, ever. Never have, never would.”

Emily has always been candid and shares selfies with her midriff exposed.

She’s had the wrinkles after giving birth to her kids, Mia and Izaac, garnering praises from people for being genuine and honest about her body. One person wrote in reply to the raw video, “Always keeping it real, Em! I’m proud of my crinkly skin, wearing it like a badge of honor.”

Another added, “I have this too, like so much loose skin. Oh well, got two beautiful boys, so gotta love it.”

“You look incredible! And your happy glow is even more contagious & beautiful,” praised another.

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