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Chance the Rapper Is Cancelling 2020 Tour To Focus More On Family And ‘Music’


Chance the Rapper Is Cancelling 2020 Tour To Focus More On Family And ‘Music’

‘The Big Tour’ that is supposed to be kicked start on January has been cancelled.

“Hey guys, I’ve decided to cancel the Big Tour,” wrote the artist on addressing his tour that was supposed to happen in January. “I know it sucks and its been a lot of back and forth with reschedules and rerouting, but it’s for the best.”

Chance made his big announcement on his tour’s cancellation on Instagram where he has over 10.9m followers.

He explains that he’s taking ‘this time to be with family, make some new music and develop his best show to date’. He apologizes to fans and those who may have bought and planned this Christmas and New Year as their first time on a Chance concert.

The tour was originally slated to begin in September, but Chance has been postponing that up to next year. His reason has always been the same though – he wants to spend more time with his family. He promises on this last post that he’ll return in 2020 better than ever.

Chance is married to Kirsten Bennett and has been blessed with two daughters from the marriage. Back in September, he wrote one of his biggest regrets in his career as a husband, “When Kensli was born, I went on tour 2 weeks later and missed some of the most important milestones in her life, but more importantly I was absent when her mother needed me the most.”

He added firmly, “At this point as a husband and father of two I realize that I can’t make that mistake again.”

Fans were disappointed, but they couldn’t help but show support to Chance in gaining something better. “Sometimes you gotta step away from something good to achieve something better,” says one fan while another reassures him that “we’ll still be here”.

Let’s hope he gets all the time he can get to spend with his family before returning back on stage!

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