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Mother-In-Law Slams Broke Dad Who Set Up GoFundMe Page To Support Family


Mother-In-Law Slams Broke Dad Who Set Up GoFundMe Page To Support Family

‘All he’s done is get my daughter pregnant 7 times!’

A woman has come out publicly to bash her son in law; cautioning the public from helping out the father-of-seven who went so broke that he launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to feed his young children. Calling him freckles, he described the man as a jobless alcoholic who’ll fritter away the cash on cigarettes and alcohol.

Ryan Rodgers, 26, and fiancee Jenny Grimes, 25, have so far raised £3,800 after moaning that they were feeding their children off food banks after their benefits were capped.

Ryan Rodgers and Jenny Grimes have set up the fund to feed their children

The couple say they have relied on food banks to feed their family of nine since their benefits were capped 

But Shelly Grattan, Jenny’s mother, couldn’t hear any of it and says Mr. Rodgers is bone idle and has never done a day’s work in his life.

Ms. Grattan said: ‘Ryan is a feckless liar who is trying to con the public into giving him money which he will just pour down his throat.

‘No one should give him any money as he has a drinking problem and that’s where it will all go. He will spend it all on booze.

‘Anyone who has donated to the GoFundMe page should ask for their money back. He is conning the public with a sob story that is not true.’ 

Shelly Grattan, Ms. Grimes’ mother, blasted Mr. Rodgers for failing to support his children

Mr. Rodgers and his partner blame a benefits cap for their woes and say before it was enforced in 2013 they used to receive £2,100 a month in financial support. But with the limit now enforced the couple now receive £699.50 a month in Universal Credit after their rent is deducted.

Ms. Grimes’ family say they are speaking out to stop others from making further donations. 

Ms. Grattan worries that Mr. Rodgers will spend all of the money on cigarettes and alcohol and none of her grandchildren

The couple say they are only left with £480 a month to spend after rent has been paid

Her sister Jo Jo Grimes describes Mr. Rogers, the son of a police sergeant, as ‘feckless and workshy’. 

‘He has not done an honest day’s work since he left school,’ she said. ‘He leaves the house at 10 am in the morning and comes back late at night off his head on the drink. He has a big drink problem and he also spends most of their benefit money on weed.

‘Jenny did leave him once about four years ago but they got back together. He is just bad news and the public should not fall for his sob story.’ 

‘He and the family are always moving around the country and its to keep one step ahead of social services. He also owes money to drug dealers for his weed.

‘No one should fall for his sob story. It just is not true and I wish my daughter would leave him but she doesn’t because of the kids.

The couple blames their woes on the recent capping of their monthly benefits

Ms. Grimes hit back at her mother’s claims when she insisted that her fiance had battled through his addiction to alcohol and said claims he took drugs were ‘ridiculous’.

 She said: ‘Our own family is commenting and telling people that Ryan is an alcoholic, he used to have a problem with drink but he’s not drunk for ages.

‘People are also suggesting things about drugs which is ridiculous, I’ve not touched a drug in my life and I wouldn’t let anything like that anywhere near my kids. 

‘I think drugs are disgusting. We are good parents who are on benefits, receiving the most minimal amount of money from the government, we can’t survive on just this.,’ she added.

‘Jenny had the deposit for another flat of £400 but she went out and spent it on presents.

‘They are just not being truthful and it’s all to make people feel sorry for them. It makes me so angry that people are giving them money when there are people who could be more deserving and who are sleeping on the streets.

‘They are conning people. Jenny does not even have a bank account so all the money is going to Ryan and he will just spend it on alcohol.’

On their fundraising page, the couple wrote: ‘We are a young couple with seven children trying to get back on our feet after becoming homeless having to start all over again from fresh.’

Ms. Grattan said claims that the couple had been made homeless only tells half the story.

‘They have been evicted for not paying the rent,’ she said. ‘That is why the rent is now taken out before they get their benefits.

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