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Burger King Offers A Free Whooper For Showing A Pic Of Your Ex


Burger King Offers A Free Whooper For Showing A Pic Of Your Ex

Great day to complain about love at Burger King’s.

Have you watched ‘Birds of Prey’? No? Are you single? If you are, then why are you not watching that yet? Anyways, this month is only either a beautiful or a sorrowful month for the 14th will get places cramped with couples professing their love.

But Burger King’s got your back. They be getting you free burger just by showing your ex’s picture.

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a flame-grilled Whopper is just what Harley Quinn needs to get over her ex-flame. amirite? #burgerquinn

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To be more precisely, you need to print out that picture and put it in a BK’s Birds of Prey–themed “breakup boxes.” This will be your last time touching that picture of your ex, we can assure you, and for good reasons. The promo is available only on Valentine’s Day in ONLY 4 places.

New York: 327 W. 42nd St. (valid Feb. 14–16)
San Francisco: 35 Powell St. (valid Feb. 14)
Los Angeles: 545 N. Victory Blvd., Burbank (valid Feb. 14)
Boston: 150 Everett Ave., Chelsea (valid Feb. 14)

If you don’t live anywhere close by these joints, BK still got a quiz that lets winners buy a Whooper for $3. Ain’t free, but certainly better for some then scrolling through their ex’s social media page for the 100th time.

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