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Burger King Hands Out Giant Crowns To Ensure Customers Are Six Feet Apart


Burger King Hands Out Giant Crowns To Ensure Customers Are Six Feet Apart

A new and fun way to practice social distancing!

Restaurants reopening their doors after months of lockdown are offering out preventive measures to customers in a bid to ensure social distancing. One of the most captivating measures was recently launched by Burger King, who gave out giant crowns to every of its customers.

Launching the distancing crowns, the franchises reopened it dine-in services in Germany while also ensuring its customers get social distancing like a king. In the store, each client is given a folded, flat version of the hat and a set of guidelines to build the crown all by themselves.

Burger King Deutschland/ Facebook

‘We planned on reinforcing the rules of high safety and hygiene standards that the Burger King Food outlet are following. The DIY social distancing hat crowns is fun and importantly one hilarious means of reminding customers to practice social distancing while eating meals in the restaurants.’ A representative of food chain said.

Burger King Deutschland/ Facebook

Tweeting a photo of two customers digging into a meal outside the store, the Burger King captioned it: ‘Distancing, but make it fashionable.’ The giant headgear is, however, meant to spread wide enough, ensuring shoppers are 1.8m away from others.

On the other hand, the DIY Crowns were originally created for a German TV Gimmick, where the keep six feet apart crowns were made to fight for safety in an ironic way.

Burger King Deutschland/ Facebook

Similarly, cafés and restaurants across the globe are coming up with inventive ideas, including reducing the amount of seating available while also choosing to paint markings on the floor to get customers separated.

Meanwhile, in Maryland: staff members walk through the Bay area and down a pier inside the tables, which are designed to look like inner tubes!

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