Here’s How Reopening Looks Across The World In 28 Pics

Here’s How Reopening Looks Across The World In 28 Pics

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One thing is certain: Visiting the movie theaters, businesses, national parks, and even sporting events/centers won’t be the same despite the glaring fact that the world is returning to normalcy.

Spain, Austria, Germany, Finland, and even numerous European countries are easing their lockdown rules, but honestly, the end of it all feels far than closer. Yes, there’s an easing, but people aren’t out there doing what they please.

A lot of protective measures are still much very much in place, ensuring people are all safe and protected. Ranging from glass partitions in the gyms to hand-sanitizing stations, these countries that are reopening sure know its better safe than apologies.

There’s A Glass Separate In Hong Kong Gyms To Prevent Droplet Spread


This Restaurant Placed On Seats Pandas To Ensure Social Distancing

Maison Saigon

Robot Now Delivers Food In A Restaurant In Beijing


Pupils Back To School Has A Visible Tri-Fold Board Around Their Body

Barbers Put On Full Protective Wears To Cut People’s Hair In Bangladesh

Starbucks Shoppers Are Welcomed With An Automatic Hand Sanitizer In Taipei, Taiwan


Pupils Wear A DIY One Meter Hats In Yangzheng Primary School In Hangzhou


A Supermarket In Australia Spotted Taking Precautions


Social Distancing Clearly Speaks In Beijing Local Chain Restaurant


Please Wear Mask When Entering The Premises


Restaurants In Hong Kong Give Out A Bag To Customers To Store Their Face Mask

Social Distancing Rules. Stand Behind The Yellow Line!


Church Pews Are Taped To Ensure Social Distancing In Spain

Here’s An Ultraviolet Handrail Sterilizer On Hong Kong Escalator

Chinese Pupils Going Back To School Have Their Shoes, Hands, Backpack And Clothes Disinfected

A Bar In Germany Installed A Spit Protection Between Employees And Patrons


Danish Supermarket Placed A Hand Washing Station Outside For Customers


Ultraviolent Sanitizer For Gym-Goers. It Can Be Used To Clean Up Phones


Restaurant In Spain Decided To Share Their Menu To Instagram

It’s Compulsory To Stand In Front Of A Thermal Monitor Before Getting A Takeaway


Both King Heath And Erdington High Streets Presently Have More Space Than Ever


Disinfectant Kills Fungi, Viruses And Bacteria In The Air


Tables In Japan’s Restaurant Have An Acrylic Barrier


McDonald’s In Beijing Ensure Staff Temperature Is Listed On Takeout    


Robots Are Used In Bangkok Malls To Check Shoppers Temperatures

Retrofitted Panels Fixed In Hong Kong

sean dix

Pool Noodle Hats Launched In Germany


Students Eat Lunch With Dividers Between Them In China