Artist's 20 Hilarious Comics That Will Change Your Perspective On Alligators

Artist’s 20 Hilarious Comics That Will Change Your Perspective On Alligators

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Be prepared to fall in love with a new comic series titled: The Buddy Gator. Illustrated by the talented Chow Hon Lam, the series follows a gator that is simply a buddy to everyone.

Spreading some positive vibes, Buddy Gator is a good and friendly alligator that’s needed by all who are going through difficult times.

Undeniably, alligators give a scary impression, but these series have proven otherwise, highlighting they can actually be exceptional, warm as well as sweet. Who wouldn’t want a buddy like a gator?

Chow Hon Lam, on the other hand, has been receiving a lot of heart-melting messages, of which the artist did admit he never expected. ‘A big thanks to you all for the messages and love. It’s assisting me to heal while also giving me more vibe to continue drawing.’ The artist said.

Here are, however, the artist’s new alligator comics portrayed in both an adorable and comedic light. Do take a look and have a good crack up!

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#1 Gator Is Around

#2 Nightmare

#3 Group Photo

#4 It’s Ok To Cry

#5 Halloween Costume

#6 Love Yourself

#7 Safe

#8 Fly A Kite

#9 Shopping For New Bed

#10 Book Lover

#11 Buddy Playground

#12 Smiling Face

#13 Tall Tree, Short Tree

#14 Harvest

#15 Auditions

#16 Birthday Gift

#17 You Can Do It

#18 Animals Crossing

#19 Don’t Judge Book By Its Cover

#20 The Wolf Is Around