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Florida Man Wrestled Huge Alligator Out Of Swimming Pool


Florida Man Wrestled Huge Alligator Out Of Swimming Pool

Basically smooth and easy as it ever gets!

An employee of a removal firm, Gator Boys, has revealed how he wrestled with a big alligator in a bid to get it tired and hauled it back onto dry land.

The expert equally disclosed he was looking forward to meeting the Gator after getting a call concerning the job.

Paul Bedard said it was relatively quiet easy to trap gators in pools because the water is clearer as compared to the creature’s swampy natural habitat and due to the fact that space is also confined.

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Bedard, who took to Instagram in order to share his experience said: ‘Got an e-gator call this morning concerning an 8 to a 9-foot alligator in a swimming pool up in Parkland.

The creature had walked through the screen, into a swimming pool. I haven’t had a good size gator in a swimming pool for like a year now, so I was looking forward to this when a call came in.’

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He added: ‘These are actually fun. The gator can’t move, anywhere else and the water’s always crystal clear. So, all I did was jump in the water and play around with him, till he got tired. I can either hold his mouth shut and put a snare on it and tape it or if the creature was super energetic, I can just get him tired deeply, pick him up without taping his mouth and carrying him out in the yard before tapping him up.’

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‘This guy is super mellow as it didn’t give me a hard time at all. I couldn’t get him to spin on me, he obviously wanted nothing to do with me. I made a frontal catch, put a snare on his mouth and tapped him all up.’

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However, the wrestled alligator got a happy ending after it was taken to the Gator Boys sanctuary – a place for nuisance alligators who have lost their caution of humans.

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