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Artist Released New Comics With Elephants And It Will Leave You In Tears


Artist Released New Comics With Elephants And It Will Leave You In Tears

She Made People Cry With Her ‘Good Boy’ And ‘Black Cat’ Comics Earlier.

Leaving the world for good is a thing every human being has to come in terms with, mainly because no one, including animals, lives forever or perhaps lasts that long.

But coming in agreement with the aforementioned and exploring the possibilities of the afterworld, artist Jenny Jinya has again created and shared a few series that are undeniably very touching.

An earlier released comics of Jenny was about a good boy who passed away a lot sooner while the other was about a good lady whose black cat protected a lot of people from knowing her.

Jenny’s good boy comics, which equally touched many hearts featured a puppy abandoned by the side of the road and visited by death, uttering it’s his time to leave the world.

The German illustrator, well-recognized for showing the cruelty of some people towards animals, however, has her latest series hinged on how damaging elephant rides can actually be.  Turned out, these elephants are taken from their loved ones in the wild and forced to reside in captivity where they’re continuously threatened.

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Jenny Has Again Released A Series About An Elephant, Raising Awareness Of Cruelty Towards Animals

Jenny Jinya

Jenny Jinya

Nevertheless, people riding elephants for entertainment, according to World Animal Protection has significantly increased. Elephants captured from the wild are escalating and kept in captivity to be used as rides and in the circus.

WAP, in 2016 had reviewed over 3000 elephants residing across Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, and Nepal. They discovered that just 200 of them resided in acceptable captive conditions while the rest experience poor living conditions and harsh training.

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