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Alicia Silverstone Says She Still Sleeps With Her 11-Year-Old Son


Alicia Silverstone Says She Still Sleeps With Her 11-Year-Old Son

She also never raised her voice to him.

A co-sleeping arrangement for Alicia Silverstone is a natural way of doing things. The 45-Year-Old still sleeps in bed with her 11-Year-Old son Bear Blu, who she shares with ex-husband Christopher Jarecki, whom she split from in 2018. For Alicia, she’s following nature by sleeping alongside her son. 

The clueless star had in 2012 sparked outrage, revealing she fed her son by pre-chewing his food and passing it from her mouth to his. 

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At the time, Alicia defended the strange feeding technique, claiming it was a weaning process and noted that people have been feeding their kids that way for thousands of years. She even said in response to the backlash over parenting technique: “I think it’s adorable and it makes me laugh every time he does it.”

On a July 19th episode of The Ellen Fisher Podcast, Alicia has now revealed: “Bear and I still sleep together.

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She compared her co-sleeping arrangement to humans trying to survive in any wild setting and added:  “If you were in any kind of wild setting where there are wild animals, if you put you, baby, over there, your baby is going to get eaten. So it’s not ideal for the baby to be over there.” Alicia also opened up about how she rarely used diapers for him from the age of six months & noted she never raised her voice with him. 

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The actress alleged she watched her son’s cues to figure out when it was time for a bathroom trip.

She stated in reference to Bear’s bodily clues: “It’s so awesome. It’s so easy. When I was done feeding him, he would go to the bathroom in the toilet. When he woke up from a nap, he went to the bathroom.” The author confessed there was a period when she watched him when he was naked to look for those cues. 

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“The cues part for me was fun because I thought he was flirting with me because he would do this little smile. That’s when he had to pee,” she continued.

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The San Francisco native then joked she would likely be in trouble with mom shamers but added she doesn’t really care. Alicia proceeded to sum up her style of parenting as a natural mama and a loving mama, focused on gentle communication and cutting out things like TV from the family home. Her ex-husband had dismissed some parenting styles as a hippie but has come to appreciate her attachment parenting process. 

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In response to any criticism, Alicia stated: “I believe in love, I believe in nature and our society is scared of nature and scared of love.”

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She continued: “The things I’m doing I’m not inventing; I didn’t invent any of it. I would love to take credit for all of it, but it’s not me, unfortunately, it’s just me following nature. I just wanted to do what was healthiest for him at every turn so every choice I make is either built on instinct or deep research.” However, Alicia always wanted more than one child but admitted the timing wasn’t right.

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“Being a mom is the most precious, most unbelievable experience in this world, and it’s not for everyone, and anybody who doesn’t want to do it shouldn’t do it, but for me, it’s so divine,” she alleged.

“That’s why I want to savor every moment of his life. I wanted to have more, but then my relationship got messed up, and it wasn’t a great time to bring one in, but I didn’t want to have another one right away because I was so in love with my Bear that I wanted to squeeze every moment out of him. It wasn’t until he was like three that I was ready to make another baby but I didn’t have partners so that’s why I don’t have four babies.”

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